flowers for m[A]chines
▶▶ Pod 042 and Pod 153 - Joint Report: Pod 042

Report: The rampant entity was hacked by 9S, intercepted by the Resistance, and was bombarded with support fire from the Bunker. It was ■■■■

―――Communication error―――

―――Communication error―――

―――Communication with Pod 042 is being restored 12 seconds until restoration―――

―――Communication with Pod 153 is being restored 15 seconds until restoration―――

Pod 042 to Pod 153: Temporary communication error occurred due to large-scale ground and air attacks. Currently undergoing restoration processes.
Pod 153 to Pod 042: Same failure for this unit confirmed. No abnormalities in recording systems.
Pod 042 to Pod 153: Agreed. Currently, there are no system abnormalities in this unit. Continuing to carry out investigation mission and recording of 2B, target of this unit’s accompanying support.
Pod 153 to Pod 042: Agreed. This unit will also carry out missions and record 9S.